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We can adapt to all your PR needs, from strategic planning to community management!


At DDMG, we’re all about team work and always results-oriented. Most importantly, we never forget to have fun!



Our variety of clients show how versatile we are: would it be for corporate, food, beverages, health and more, DDMG can assure the success of your campaign.




DDMG Communications is the go-to PR firm for companies looking for a communications strategy for their products or services.


Why come to us?


  • For the nationwide network of relationships we cultivate, and for our insight with regards to current market trends.

  • For our passion, our drive, and our openness to the world.

  • Most of all, for our approachability, our values, and our vision that places client satisfaction and impeccable work at the centre of all our decisions.


Thanks to our experience, dedication and incredible network, we provide exceptional services to major companies across Canada. Every day, DDMG Communications strives to surpass itself to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


1350 Sherbrooke St W Bur.1150, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1J1  Tel: (514) 360-5225

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